What if there was a church that allowed you to explore issues of life and faith at your own pace?  What if there was a church that celebrated the presence and participation of children of all ages, a church where you could dress casually,  enjoy a variety of music, and be challenged to think about the important issues of your life? What if there was a church that was not afraid to hear your doubts and be challenged by your questions? What if you could find that kind of church?

We believe you just did.

Welcome to First United Church!


God calls us…

to create a community of faith where all are welcome and encouraged to participate fully:

no matter where you’re from, when you were born, how you self-identify,

whom you love, or what you believe.

We are a community that encourages free inquiry and searching.
We are intentional about creating safe space where diversity (such as age, sexual orientation, gender identity, health, ability, race, socio-economic status or belief) is valued, even when it challenges us.
We do this by living God’s welcome, seeking to love as Jesus Christ loves
and laughing with the Spirit along the way.
How is God calling you?

First United Church is a welcoming place to start your spiritual journey or refresh yourself along the way!

Come and experience spirit-filled worship. Bring a friend. Bring a family. Share and discover with us as we grow in to God’s vision for community.

Sunday Service for all ages begins with gathering in music and community at 10:15 am. Children worship with us and on their own in the Godly Play room.  The rest of the week service happens in our daily living, midweek groups and support of Gleaners, Habitat for Humanity, Welcome Neighbour Refugee settlement, Affirming congregations, Neighbour’s Outreach Wetaskiwin and the Foodbank.